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About Leverage

Hi Riders, sometime you see me posting on twitter trades with 10x leverage.

Those are high risk trades and I only use it on lower timeframes (1hr or 15minutes TF), with tight stop loss and tend to lock profits aggresively.

I use multiple strategies at the same time:

  • High leverage for quick trades on lower timeframe based on our Anticipation strategy (see tutorials)

  • No leverage (or very low leverage) for trades based on the daily and weekly timeframe timeframe. (DCA, key weekly supports, bull signal on the daily , etc...)

If you do decide to use leverage, i use bybit, very friendly to use and set take profits and stop loss limits. Before you start trading with leverage a few tips here:

  1. Always have a stop loss, if you use a high leverage, make sure to enter as close to a support as possible, DO NOT chase a trade.

  2. Understand that you can get liquidated and at what levels.

  3. Monitor your trade, most of the time you have to take profits before a target is reached.

  4. Practice first with very low ammounts and lower timeframe.

Here is my bybit link in case you want to train yourself:

Stay safe.


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