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Heikin Ashi vs. Regular Candlesticks: Which Trading Chart Type Suits You Best?


Navigating the financial markets requires traders to understand various charting techniques, including the differences between Heikin Ashi and regular candlesticks. In this post, we'll dive into their unique characteristics, applications, and how they can impact your trading strategy, especially when using the Trend Rider Indicators.

Heikin Ashi vs. Regular Candlesticks: Key Differences:

Heikin Ashi, a Japanese term meaning "average bar," offers traders an alternative to traditional candlestick charts. The key differences between these two chart types lie in their calculation methods, visual appearance, and trend identification capabilities.

  1. Calculation Method: Regular candlesticks use open, high, low, and close (OHLC) prices, while Heikin Ashi candles employ a unique averaging formula that smooths out price action, making it simpler to identify trends and reversals.

  2. Visual Appearance: Heikin Ashi candlesticks appear smoother and less cluttered than regular candlesticks due to their calculation method, which often results in consecutive candles with smaller wicks.

  3. Trend Identification: Heikin Ashi excels at revealing trends by highlighting a series of bullish (green) or bearish (red) candles with minimal wicks. This clarity can help traders avoid false signals and improve their decision-making process.

Pros and Cons of Using Heikin-Ashi Technique for Different Trading Styles The Heikin-Ashi technique has a primary limitation of being too conservative for high-frequency traders or low-time frame scalpers due to its use of averaged price information, resulting in slower trade set-up development. This makes it unsuitable for quick reactions. However, for swing traders who value patience, this technique is ideal for identifying trends over a longer period of time..

Analyzing Bullish and Bearish Pressure with Heikin Ashi Candlestick Wicks for Trading Insights

We can gather more trading information from Heikin Ashi candles than just the color change for trend identification. For instance, we can observe the length of the candle wicks or shadows. When there are red candles with long wicks below, it indicates bullish pressure, and conversely for green candles.

Image from Investopedia

Using Heikin Ashi and Regular Candlesticks Together:

Heikin Ashi should not replace regular candlesticks in your trading toolkit; instead, use both chart types to complement each other. Regular candlesticks provide granular information about price action, while Heikin Ashi emphasizes trends and reduces noise. Combining these techniques can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the market and better-informed trading decisions

Maximize Heikin Ashi power with our indicators:

Heikin Ashi candles serve as an extra confirmation for a change in trend or potential bounce, can be use as confluence when there is a "probable bounce signal" for example, giving more confidence for a long or to double check if a candle has closed above a determined resistance.

Trend Rider Signals + Heikin Ashi Candles


Grasping the differences between Heikin Ashi and regular candlesticks is crucial for traders looking to maximize their market analysis skills. By harnessing the strengths of each chart type and integrating the powerful Trend Rider Indicators, you can gain an edge in the competitive financial markets. Explore our membership options today to unlock your full trading potential and elevate your trading success.


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