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My favorite Indicators Trading Setup right now

Hi Riders, lately i've been using this setup on trading view and shared some images on tweeter, in case you want to see the chart exactly as I do here are some easy instructions.


  • Trend Rider Algo #1

  • TR Fib perspective : make sure to have the lastet version (remove and add indicator again)

  • Trend oscillator

Also make sure to place the Trend Rider Algo #1 on top of the Fib perpective ind. (reference image below)

The fib perspective colors will allow you to detect easily support and resistance levels as well as the actual channel. (rejections are more frequent inside the red channel, bounces more frequent on the green one). At the same time Trend Rider Algo #1 and Trend Oscillator will give you all the signals you need for trading.

TR fib perspective can be used on any asset and timeframe, however it might not be available for assets with little price history.

How to place Rider Algo #1 to front:

How to change colors of TR Fib perspective in case you need it.


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