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Hi Riders, Bitcoin finally touched our red lines on our Macro View Indicator this monday. So we are going to focus on the macro picture and what to seek for mid-long term entries on this issue.

For daytrading , plan still the same, focus on lower timeframe trades, specially the 1hour timeframe, prioritize shorts at resistance over longs until $BTC gets above 33K. This strategy should be very profitable as we expect some sideways action at current levels for a few days before $BTC decides it next move.


  • As long as $BTC does not close below 15K, it's very long term price structure is intact. Below it then it is compromised and we should consider a possible "failure" scenario.

  • There is a lot of long term support between 20 and 22K, three lines on our macro view model coincide on the same levels.

  • Trend Strenght indicator on the monthly chart (Trend Rider Algo #1) is currently displaying an inverted light blue triange, it has only happened once before right at the bottom of a previous cycle.

  • We haven't seen pink or purple colors yet on our macro view indicator which implies that there could still be another wick down.

  • On the daily chart $BTC needs to close above 33K to consider a mid term trend shift.


  • If we assume that $BTC will continue thriving in the future, then DCA gradually while $BTC is inside the black box is a great idea, specially if pink/purple colors appear.

    • If you do decide to DCA, consider that price can still go down considerably and take a while to recover, so do it for the long term (much better now than when price was above 40k!)

  • if you are more conservative:

    • Wait for $BTC to get back above 33K again.(above daily Rider Band)

    • Wait for a confirmed bounce signal on the weekly. (trend rider algo #1)

      • More conservative: wait for an orange circle on the oscillator on the monthly.

    • Wait until we bounce from pink and purple colors (if we do get those colors) on our MV indicator.

Macro View Indicator

Monthly Chart

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I cannot figure out how to put these indicators on an active chart, what am i not doing ?

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