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Analyze markets in real time and quickly identify potential opportunities

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What is Rider Algo?


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Crypto, Stocks, Forex and more! Our Indicators work on different assets and all timeframes

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What set our Indicators Apart?

1.Exceptional Accuracy: Our signals aren't just reliable; they're consistently accurate. With Bitcoin, for instance, we boast an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 70%.

2.Data-Driven Insights: Every signal we provide comes accompanied by data detailing its historical success rate. And here's the game-changer: these percentages recalibrate based on your chosen asset and timeframe. This transforms trading from a gut-feeling gamble into a logical decision-making process

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About Our Trend Rider Indicators

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Rider Algo #1: Anticipation Signals

Spot market changes before they happen

Anticipate Movements

Spot market changes before they happen

Detect Key Price Levels

Identify crucial price points for successful trades

Tops and Bottoms

Enhance your trading strategy with top and bottom identification