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The Next NFT Wave? looks promising.

Did you miss the early surge of NFTs and dream of a do-over? You might be in luck. As NFTs skyrocketed, many only watched from the fringes. But now, emerges, echoing that NFT early-stage buzz. This platform is gaining traction rapidly. Here's your guide to seizing this new opportunity.

Introduction offers a unique twist: users can buy and sell stocks of themselves or others. Like traditional stocks, prices fluctuate based on demand.

What Sets It Apart? Despite being live for just a day, is causing a stir on Twitter, blending network marketing with user-friendly design. Its dynamics remind me of the NFT craze—high risk, high reward—but with clearer transactions. Unlike the ambiguous value of NFTs,’s stock trading feels more intuitive. Plus, there's a private chat for stock issuers and shareholders, hinting at more interactive features ahead.

Key Features

  • Transactions occur on Coinbase's "base" network using Ethereum.

  • You need an invite to create an account.

  • Accounts are linked to Twitter for transparency.

  • Every user gets a "base" network address for ETH transactions.

Setting Up Your Account

  1. Installation: Head to and get the app. Note: Its security on mobile devices is still unverified.

  2. Invitation Code: Enter your code in the app. We've set up a channel on our Discord for sharing codes. Alternatively, search "" on Twitter and filter by recent posts for potential invite codes.

  3. Locate Your Account: Find your "base" network account number in the app.

  4. Transfer Funds: Make sure you’re sending to the "base" network. If you're new to this:

    • Transfer ETH from your broker/metamask to an Ethereum (erc-20) account.

    • Use a bridge to switch funds from erc-20 to the base chain. (I used

    • Transfer from your base account to your address with metamask.

Trading: Buy your stocks or find others via Twitter handles.

Essential Tips

  • Risk: It's a new platform with corresponding high risks and rewards. Play safe.

  • Platform Audit: An in-depth audit for is pending. Be informed and aware of potential platform vulnerabilities.

  • Bridge Caution: All bridges, even by reputable entities like Coinbase, carry risks. A new wallet might offer added safety.

  • Earning Strategies: Two paths usually stand out:

    1. Medium-term investment.

    2. Sniping: Regular buy-sell moves to ensure profits. Secure your initial investment first.

Ready to jump in? Consider supporting our "TrendRidersTR" profile. Our community target? Hitting 0.5 ETH per share. Join the ride!

**Disclaimer:** The information provided on is purely informational and not an endorsement. All investments carry risks, including capital loss. Please proceed with caution, protect your funds, and conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

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