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Crypto Tracker 26-04-22

Hi Riders, find below our Crypto Tracker updated.

Overall, most of the coins are on "Wait and see Mode" on the daily timeframe.

Remember our Master Plan, while $BTC is bearish on most trend indicators and inside the downtrend channel on our max levels identifier model my plan is:

  • Focus on $BTC lower timeframe trades (1 hour, 4 hour TF); #alts are extra risky right now.

    • Our Bullish Divergence / Potential reversal and Take profits signals have been very accurate the last days giving us plenty opportunities to trade on these timeframes.

      • Check our video Tutorial on how to trade bounces on our learning section.

  • DCA $BTC if our TR sentiment indicator reaches medium or extreme fear.

  • Always use a Stop loss.

How I will be using the crypto tracker is to get into #alts that are close to support on the daily IF $BTC is showing clear signal of a potential reversal.


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