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Introducing Our New Indicator: Trend Signals

Hello to all our Trend Riders

We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest development, an indicator that is set to become an essential tool in your trading arsenal: Trend Signals.

What is Trend Signals?

Trend Signals ; it's the culmination of all our trend indicators consolidated into a single, powerful block. The advantage? A swift and accurate identification of the price trend and an instantaneous alert on any signs of weakening in that trend. To make it even more intuitive, we've labeled each trend to indicate whether it's short, medium, or long-term. This way, you can gain both a bird's-eye view and a detailed perspective of the market's direction at the same time.

Benefits and Uses of Trend Signals:

1. **Effective Trade Management:** If you've ever wondered whether you should keep a trade open or close it, Trend Signals has your answer. It will provide the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

2. **Ideal Moments to Take Profits:** Especially relevant for spot positions, this indicator will alert you when it's the right time to start trimming your positions. If you notice the trend lines starting to shift in color, it's a cue to act.

3. **Clear Insight into Trend Direction:** Knowing the predominant direction of a trend is crucial for any trader. With Trend Signals, that information will be at your fingertips, allowing you to favor a specific type of trade. For instance, if the trend is bullish, your long trades will have a higher probability of success.

Here is the link so you can add it to your favorites: Trend Signals is available only to paid members, if you don't already have a membership, get one at

Until next time and happy trading!



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