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Enhancing Your Trading Arsenal: Unveiling our New Super Signals and 'B' Signal

Hello Riders, over the past few weeks, we've created/modified two new signals: the Super Signals (SS) and the 'B' signal. Both of these signals are proving to have unmatched significance and accuracy in our trading arsenal.

For instance, the SS and B signal on Bitcoin (1-day chart) currently boast a historical accuracy exceeding 70%!

Allow me to delve a little deeper into both signals: Where to Find Them: Both are located in Rider Algo #1. Each signal includes the following features:

  • Stop Loss Level: The algorithm automatically identifies the lowest/highest point before the signal.

  • Wick protection Stop Loss: The algorithm suggests a wider stop loss range. For this, it analyzes all instances when a signal failed due to a stop loss being triggered by a wick, averages these events, and then suggests a stop loss accordingly.

  • Target Levels: You can visualize on the chart what the objectives are. You can choose to see only the objectives of the latest signals or all of them in the options.

  • Accuracy Table: With all the relevant information about the signals and their historical performance. The tables have different versions depending on how much information you want to see.

About the Signals: They are calculated in completely different ways from each other, allowing us to capture different scenarios. Both aim to anticipate a price movement in the direction opposite to the current one.

I believe our indicators are highly effective, and our current focus is on continuing to refine them and, above all, providing greater visibility about the real and historical performance so each one of you can assess the risk to take on each trade.

Remember, there's no such thing as a perfect indicator. There are so many different scenarios (trends, rebounds, sideways movements, flash crashes/pumps) and market manipulations that a single indicator cannot adapt to all scenarios. This is why visualizing performance data and studying charts is so important and is part of our vision.

I hope you continue to enjoy our indicators for much longer. You will soon hear about the new versions we plan to roll out. Our team is working every day to provide you with better tools. 🚀 #CryptoTrading #BitcoinSignals


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