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Crypto Tracker Update 04/12/22

Hi Riders, find below our Crypto tracker updated.

Before entering Altcoins I would suggest to check for a couple of conditions first:

- BTC ideally above 45K or at least with a bullish dot + divergence confirmed.

- BTC dominance ideally below 41.5%

If this 2 conditions are met, then it will be much safer to get into alts this week.

Note: $BTC is about to confirm a Bear Signal on the daily, so be extra careful, if you decide to enter a trade make sure to have a clear stop loss.

Personally I will patiently wait for reversal signals on the daily before making any big move (bullish dot + "potential reversal" signal or at least a confirmed "Bull.div signal")

If reversal signals appear I will enter a few position on alts, prioritizing the ones that are very close to their trend support. (possible action #4)


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