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How to set up alarms

Hi Riders, here you will learn how to set up alarms on Trading View for our Trend Rider Algo #1 Indicator step by step and my favorite alarms.

Requirements: Trading View paid subscription. (they have a 30-day free trial)

Step 0: Add Trend Rider Algo #1 to the chart, and select the asset and timeframe you want for the alarm.

Step 1: Click on the "alarm" symbol

Step 2: Click on "add alarm" symbol

Step 3: Select Trend Rider Algo #1

Step 4: Choose the subindicator for the alarm

Step 5: Choose when the alarm will trigger. (I use "once per bar close" the most)

Step 6: Type a name for the alarm.

That is all , you can manage your

The alarms I use (for step #4)

Trend Rider Algo #1

For $BTC and NASDAQ Always active on the Monthly, Weekly and Daily (and sometimes on the 4 hr chart):

  • Potential Reversal

  • Probable bounce

  • Take Profits regular

  • Strong Take Profits

  • Trend Signals Ind. direction change (Bull/Bear labels)

On lower timeframes i activate them only if am going to trade that day and I am not gonna be in front of the screen all day.

Hope this helps!

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awesome advice!

Me gusta


Me gusta
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