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Indicator: Trend Rider Macro View

Hi Riders, we have just released our new indicator "Trend Rider Macro View". It has replaced the "TR sentiment indicator", and all of you already have access.

How to add this indicator? Add it to your favorites using this link:

What to use this indicator for?

  1. Assess Risk: Understand on a single view where is $BTC compared to it's potential TOPS and Bottoms.

  2. Identify Potential Tops and Bottoms.

  3. DCA strategy: if you are long term holder you can use it start DCA when we are getting close to potential bottoms.

  4. Reduce positions: if you are deep in profit on long term positions you can start taking profits while we are getting closer to a potential top.

Please note that this refer to POTENTIAL tops and bottoms, price can bounce before we reach bottom signals, but if bottoms signals do appear then we are most probably close to a bottom. If price keeps going even lower the adjusted averages and 200WSMA then the whole $BTC macro price structured will be compromised, which has never happened so far.

How does it work:

It is composed by 4 diffierent indicators/signals:

  • Pi Cycle: developed a few months ago by another team, uses specific BTC moving averages that matched almost perfectly with BTC past tops and bottoms and projects it . Each time there is a cross on their MAs a signal appears.

  • Moving average with adjusted deviation: Similar to how Pi cycle works, but here there is no cross, we use the adjusted MAs to project where a potential top/bottom might be if $BTC behaves similar to the past.

  • 200WSMA: a simple moving average that coincides almost perfectly with previuos $BTC bottoms.

  • 21W EMA: a simple moving average that helps to identify when we are at a bull or bear market. Basically when price is below it we are at a bear market.

  • TR Sentiment: a complex indicator that uses variables such as volatility, gold flucutacion, price percentual change and more to create and index. The value of the index are represented by circles with colors.


  • Only use the Pi Cycle signals for $BTC

  • For the Moving average adjusted: only works for some coins, see the list on the indicator settings.

  • TR Sentiment: works for every coin that have a robust price history. Works bestr for $BTC.

Reference Images:

A. Indicators

B. Ideal Bottom:

Here all indicators are marking a bottom. (Price close to average line, TR sentiment pink and a Pi Cycle low label)

TR Sentiment Scale:

Sentiment from top to bottom, Violet equals "extreme fear" , Navy blue equals "Extreme greed". Please note this is not the same as the "Fear and Greed" indicator.


Sorry but I can't display it in the same way as the Sentiment chart window. I see the script window version with all the notes below etc. How can I use the "display chart" mode? Thanks!

Trend Rider
Trend Rider
May 16, 2022
Replying to

Pls send me a screenshot of what you are seeing -

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