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Massive Super Signal Upgrade - Try it now!

Hi Riders, Trading will never be the same. We're extremely excited to announce some groundbreaking enhancements to our Super Signal indicator. This is the result of over a month's dedicated work, made possible thanks to our recently onboarded dedicated programmer and the continued support from our wonderful community, the Riders.

Here's what's new:

  1. Accuracy Table for Super Signals (Rider Algo #1)– This feature, hidden by default (enable it in settings), is truly a game-changer. Now, you can explore the effectiveness of the Super Signal for each asset and timeframe by yourself. It contains crucial variables:

    • # of SS: Total Super Signals throughout the asset's history for the chosen timeframe.

    • Accuracy: Percentage of successful signals.

    • Avg Upside: Average maximum (or minimum for bearish signals) price reached after a successful Super Signal within the next 15 candles, without touching the stop loss.

    • Price Delta Criteria: The percentage price movement for a signal to be considered successful. It automatically adjusts based on the asset and timeframe.

Works for any asset and timeframe.

-------------------------------------- 🔥 Unleash your trading potential with our Super Signal indicator! Test-drive the power of accuracy at your fingertips with our FREE trial:

Our indicator family keeps growing and improving, reflecting the tremendous value and hard work we put into them. Please be aware, as we continue to add more value, our membership prices will rise to match our offering soon.

So why wait? Jump in, the market's fine. Secure your access today and start your trading journey with us. You'll be glad you did! 💹🚀 --------------------------------------

Also we added some very helpful features to complement the super signal.

  1. Suggested Stop Loss for Super Signals – This feature, also hidden by default (enable in settings), offers a recommended stop loss for every Super Signal.

  2. Signal Highlighter – This addition, a signal pointer above or below the candlestick (based on its bullish or bearish nature), helps emphasize Super Signals. Enable it in settings.

We poured our heart and soul into these updates, and we believe they will empower you like never before. The ability to independently verify the efficacy of Super Signals for any asset or timeframe you choose is an unprecedented leap forward.

Looking ahead, we plan to extend this table to other signals, enriching your decision-making process further.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and can't wait to hear how you find these upgrades. Here's to raising our trading game together! 🚀


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