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Newsletter #10

This week topics

  1. Bitcoin new Trading Range

  2. Be Ready for Altseason

  3. How to find alts that are lagging versus BTC (higher upside)

  4. Coins Rotation

Hi Riders, what a profitable week we just had! On our last issue we talked about several coins that were very close to flip bullish and they did.

Now we are in a complete different scenario, Bitcoin and Alts are entering an upper trend range, which can be extremely good for Alts.

  1. Bitcoin New Trading Range

Bitcoin finally broke out of our 37-44.5K Neutral range (cheers!) We were ones of the first (if not the fist) to mention that range as our TR Fib indicator painted those supp and res. back in Dec'21!

Now, it has entered the Ranging Zone Channel (44.5K - 54K), when coins enter this range they tend to move very fast. Be ready for some radical ups and downs as coins are in overbought territory, there will be plenty corrections, sudden pumps and fakeouts, just follow our take profits signals and process so you don't get scared by volatility.

2. Be Ready for Alt season

It's time to start considering an eventual Alt season, when this happens tons of coin will start printing massive goins everyday, swifting from one coin to another. But WE ARE NOT there yet, what we just experienced is just a catch up from alts to $BTC current price structure (alts were on lower channels).

For an Altseason confirmation we need 2 things.

  • $BTC above 45K

  • BTC dominance below 42%

That would mean that Bitcoin is healthy but Alts are even more stronger and gaining the upper hand.

If that happens it will be much safer to enter position on very low cap coins. (under 100M market cap)


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3. How to find alts that are lagging versus BTC (higher upside)

For this we will use our TR FIB perspective Indicator. When you activate it for Bitcoin you will note that it is curently on the ranging zone, so we want to find coins that are on lower channels.

Once you identify those coins just follow the Trend System to identify entries and profit taking levels.

Trend System video tutorial here

Some coins currently below the Ranging zone are:


Below is an example for $ADA.

4. Coins Rotation

This is another simple trick to identify short term pumps and get the most out of your money.

In simple terms, when most coins are overbought look for the ones that are not and look for an entry. (as long as the market continues pumping)

For this, use the RSI or our Trend Oscillator momentum wave.

Do your research on the coin fundamentals first, make sure it is a solid coin and that the devs continue building.

Example below: AVAX vs CRO RSI comparison. You can see here how CRO is on an overbought zone (above horizontal blue line) while AVAX still has room to grow.

Have a great week!



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