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Hi Riders, Nasdaq and Bitcoin are about to flip bullish on the daily chart. Bitcoin has already flipped on most indicators and Nasdaq is very close. At some point there will be a pullback to test support but for now there is strength in the market.

What we are seeing on our indicators are big bounces after clear "probable bounce signals", that bounce is entering a second phase where BULL signals are appearing on many assets. So right now, we are not trading a bounce anymore but a potential trend shift. It trades differently, while trading a probable bounce (see anticipation strategy tutorial) there is a clear support and tight SL, while trading a trend shift (see trend shift strategy tutorial) we bet on the trend to go bullish on the midterm thus we divide our entries along the way, don't close full position when a TP signal appears and use lower leverage.

On this issue I will review both charts and share some tips on how to ride this trend.

NASDAQ (crypto needs NASDAQ green to start bull run)

  • As of now, Nasdaq is escaping the blue zone and barely below trend blue line resistance.

  • Closing above blue line and testing the dark red zone upper limit as support would be extremely bullish for all markets

  • What I am doing with stocks:

    • Already bought a good ammount of stocks following the latest bounce signals, right now I am adding more with Stop Loss in case breakout fails.

    • TIP: for individual stocks, same as crypto, look for stocks with good fundamentals that are still inside dark red channel (Rider Algo #2), those will follow nasdaq structure. (NVIDIA, ARKK, SONY, etc...)


  • All trend indicators are already bullish, except Rider Band which is the last one to flip (and the most powerful one)

  • Bitcoin still inside dark red zone, there is a lot of room to grow if nasdaq breaks out. RZ upper limit is at 30K!

  • What I am doing with Bitcoin:

    • As said previously I already bought some as part of our DCA strategy on the 18-22K range (using Macro View Indicator)

    • Bought more when Bull signal confirmed

    • Still have some cash ready in case there is a retracement and we go down to test bull trend line support (orange line) now around 20K.

    • Will follow Trend Shift strategy, mainly using the daily timeframe now.


  • Chart looks very similar to Bitcoin

  • Trend Strength indicator (upwards triangles) showing bull strength.

  • Lots of room to grow if NASDAQ breaks bullish.

  • What I am doing with alts

    • I started buying Alts with no leverage, building a portfolio again (i closed most of my alts position when BTC was at 45K aprox.)

    • Still doing some lower timeframe trades but my focus now is to find good coins below structure , not too many so i can manage portfolio

    • TIP: Look for alts that are still below Rider Band or below $ETH current price structure for quick trades.

    • TIP2: if you decide to buy right now, chances are high for a correction to test support as some alts including $ETH are above Rider Band, so don't go all in and use low or no leverage on higher timeframes.

    • TIP 3: (yes, a ton of tips, alts are wild!) Start researching ASAP abour your prefered alts fundamentals , look what they have been up to during bear markets, specially low cap coins.

There will be a lot of room for upside on alts if nasdaq goes bullish, so don't rush into high leverage position and save for corrections. Personally I am investing more in stocks, then bitcoin and a smaller portion on alts on my portfolio.


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