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Weekly Newsletter

Hello Riders,

We can see how the markets have been stabilizing that week, which is necessary for the next movement. Nasdaq and SPX are near or within the divider band, which separates the bull market from the bear market, and are currently looking for support for a next jump.

Crypto after the FTX scandal is deciding whether to continue to correct or stabilize.

At this time it is best to wait for long-term investments. For short term trading just follow the processes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- News about our indicators.

1. Our 20% Black Friday discount is still active until this Friday the 25th. You can see the discount codes here.

2. We are developing a new indicator that allows us to easily identify levels to accumulate and to take profits, you can see it in the graphs of this edition (red and green areas in the charts)

3. We are also working on relaunching our video training, adding basic concepts and a new section, I will tell you how it progresses. --------------------------------------------------------------------------


Continues below the Divider Band, but we see how it has moved above the Rider Band and may be turning it into support, which is necessary for it to continue to grow progressively.

I am currently trading NASDAQ on lower timeframe, last week I rotated funds into lagging stocks.

SPX SPX is within the divider band at the moment and very close to the large blue trend line.

If it manages to overcome both, we will enter a new chapter of market recovery.

At this point we are so close that it is best to wait for a breakout.


-1M chart: BTC needs to recover the 20K level, below it is very high risk. -1W chart: Accumulation level between 8 and 10K in case price gets there, no bounce signals on this timeframe as of now.

-1D chart: Bounce signal about to confirm, also price close to support line, this is an ideal setup for longs, key resistance at 17600 (previous low)

So in conclussion, do not rush to buy the dip, instead try trading on lower timeframes. First show of strength we need to see for bitcoin is for it to recover previous low and start trading above 17600.

1M Chart

1W Chart:

1D Chart:


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