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Weekly Newsletter

Hi Riders, so capitulation began, seems like all our bearish trend indicators were correct. Hope you all set your stop losses and are heavy in cash right now.


  • We could see some sideways action soon between 28K (support) and 37K (Rider Band lower limit) soon IMO as $BTC is getting oversold. (see Image #1)

    • TIP: watch $NASDAQ, track their supports and see if it holds, sideways actions will be much more probable if it does.

  • Waiting for some sideways action to resume my trading on lower timeframes, our reversal signals/ take profits are much more effective on that scenario.

  • Not doing DCA right now as we are just at low fear on our Macro View indicator, i wait for mid or extreme fear (see image #2)

  • Bonus: there is a probable bullish divergence forming on the weekly chart, which would be very powerful, but we need to wait until next monday for confirmation.

Master Plan:

  • Only lower timeframe trades with SL while $BTC is on the downtrend channel. (both longs and shorts)

    • I use our potential bounce/reversal signals for this, however i am waiting for the market to find a bottom and start ranging again before trading again on lower TF.

    • Another option is to long at daily supports If $NASDAQ is at support as well. WITH A CLEAR STOP LOSS

  • Optional: DCA if $BTC hits pink/purple leves on our new Macro View indicator.

  • Or just wait for trend to go back bullish again if not confortable with trading.

$BTC Daily Trend Chart

Trend System - Facts:

  • All Trend Indicator remain bearish.

  • $BTC is oversold right now.

  • 28.6K and 33K at very important levels not much support below until the 20-22K.

$BTC Macro View - Facts:

  • Price below the 21W EMA (green line) ->Bear market

  • We got and orange circle today -> low fear

  • Potential macro bottom according to the adjusted moving averages and 200WSMA is around 22-23K

    • Not saying price will get there, but if it does it will most probably be close the bottom.


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