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Weekly Newsletter

Hello Riders! I am back from a family trip, we had an incredible time.

Now back to the charts.

It's a good time to check out our weekly charts for NASDAQ, Bitcoin, and Total Altcoins.

In general, the 3 assets are managing to stay at horizontal levels, generating a possible floor, however, at least in the weekly charts, we do not see a reversal signal for now. (we do see it in some specific alts with pending confirmation)

Below you will see analysis based on the weekly and daily timeframe.

Remember that each timeframe is different for your trades. For example, in the weekly you have to use very low or zero leverage while the daily we can use 1-5x leverage with a more controlled risk.

Try to use a logic similar to what you will see in these analyzes to find stocks or cryptos with the greatest rebound potential.


  • Trend remains negative. (price below rider band and white line).

  • In the oscillator we see how it is curving, but there is still no bullish circle on a positive "B" signal. If this were to appear, it would be very good since a higher low would form in the oscillator, which could be the beginning of a great bounce.

  • Based only on this timeframe: wait.


  • Trend remains negative

  • The price is within a clear buy zone for a possible bullish bounce.

  • Clear profit-taking zone in the box in case they decide to go for longs.

  • Based on this timeframe: Go for longs , try using limit orders on the lower part of the buy zone and set stop loss below it. Move SL to break even (BE) if you are in profits.


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  • Trend remains negative

  • It has been moving laterally for several weeks, with a green oscillator.

  • Money flow has not increased yet and is still negative.

  • Having lost critical support, the clear buy zone is around 10K, however there are some live supports at 15.4K and 14K to watch out for.

  • Clear level to take profits or shorts between 20 and 21K.

  • Based on this timeframe: to longs wait for a signal to bounce or break 21k and to short only if remaining supports are lost.


  • Negative trend

  • The price is close to the Rider Band so some strong movement is expected.

  • Detailed buy zone on the chart, we have already had a perfect rebound from this zone a few days ago.

  • Clear zone of taking profits (TP Zone 1 and 2)

  • Based on this timeframe: We could enter a long within the buy zone if we have a "probable bounce" signal or bullish "B" on the oscillator. A second riskier option if BTC closes above 17K is to enter a long and take profits in TP zone 1.


  • Negative trend

  • Clear signs of a bounce near critical support, however have to be confirmed by the end of the week.

  • Based on this chart: start entering longs (low or no leverage) if the signal is confirmed, trying to enter as close to support as possible using limit orders (especially if they decide not to wait for signals!)


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