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Weekly Newsletter

Hi Riders, we just had another week of sideaction for $BTC and a bounce for stocks as predicted. The 28.7K support for $BTC held very well and price just bounced beautifully from our last "Probable Bounce" signal. However remember that overall trend is still bearish unless we secure a close above 36K.

As of today, $NASDAQ has entered the Rider Band and is fighting to close above it, $BTC started following one day after and is now fighting to enter Rider Band as well.

Regarding #alts, those will follow $BTC, if price gets above band pay very close attention to #alts that are way below band as those would bounce harder.

Right now, plan still the same:

  • Lower timeframe trades (both longs and shorts) on #crypto until $BTC gets above 36K.

    • See our tutorials for both "Anticipation" Trading and "Trend Shift". I am personally using only the "Anticipation" trading style right now as i am doing more longs on lower timeframes and $BTC trend is still bearish.

  • Agressive profit taking / trailing stop loss.

  • For #ALTS: only lowertimeframe trades, with SL slighly below support for longs.

My trades: I am currently longing $BTC , opened at support 28.6K, now that price hit Rider band lower limit (first important resistance after a bounce) i moved my SL to 30K. $NASDAQ is currently inside band so there are high chances that $BTC will continue bouncing.

$BTC Daily chart and important levels.

$NASDAQ Daily chart

Nasdaq is bouncing, the 12.7K levels is critical as it will put $NASDAQ out of the dark red zone, when this happens usually a strong BULL rally starts! (which will benefit #crypto) If you want to play it safer , wait for the price to be above the band.


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