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Key Levels - new indicator

Hi Rideres , finally, just finished and released our Key Levels indicator, this is most probably the final piece on our indicators, been testing them for a while and I believe it is a great complement to our support lines and bounce signals.

What i like the most is that it makes much easier to scan different coins/stocks rapidly and detect if price is approaching an interesting zone.

Indicator: Trend Rider Algo #2 v3.2

Subindicator: Key Levels.

----New "Key levels" indicator added.----

Indicator looks for swing and internal pivot points on the chart and draw colored boxes.

light green: Bullish Pivot

green: Strong Bullish Pivot

light red: Bearish Pivot

red: Strong Bearish pivot.

- Bullish Pivot are good areas to start looking for longs.

- Bearish Pivot are good areas to start looking for shorts.

To access indicator just remove Trend Rider algo #2, refresh browser and add it again. (edited)


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