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Trading set-up 1W Time Frame

Hello Riders,

I have just shared a list of coins and long setups based on the weekly timeframe on our discord in case you are not there, here they are!.

The idea is that

  1. It helps you understand how to use the indicators.

  2. It serves as a reference on how to find currencies that are lagging versus ethereum or bitcoin.

  3. Copy the trade if you wish.

In this case, since it is based on the weekly timeframe, the leverage must be low or buy on spot since the intraday volatility will be high.

My recommendation is that if you find yourself in profit at any point, move your stop loss to break even.

And if you are late for the trade don't chase it, look for support on the daily chart and place a limit order.









On the macro variables, I know that powell will speak next week, what he says can obviously have an impact, but in my point of view it should be very negative to counteract the bullish momentum that we are seeing recently in nasdaq (which is also confirming a combo bounce sigal + M signal)

These trades are based on our anticipation strategy.

At the same time there are several altcoins that have confirmed a BULL signal on the 1D chart, those are also potential entries, for that I suggest you see the "TREND SHIFT" strategy in our tutorials channel in discord ( and don't chase a trade! as you can see, you can always find the next coin to have a pump to join the trend.

So some messages for now:

  1. Follow the processes, don't trade just out of boredom or FOMO

  2. As long as nasdaq stays above 11K the markets are safe and cryptos may have their moment.

  3. Lock profits on the way up, especially before powell's announcement which will surely bring volatility.

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