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Trend Rider Algo #2

Hi Riders, today we launched a new sub-indicator: RSI Extremes, located in our Trend Rider Algo #2 Settings.

We will update our new Trend Rider Algo #2 indicator with new sub-indicators in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

Regarding our RSI Extreme Indicator:

This sub-indicator helps you predict at what levels the price will be oversold or overbought, which helps to :

  • set targets for shorts/longs

  • eliminate emotion and don´t chase a trade which is already oversold/overbought

  • detect when a price wick is below/above oversold/overbought levels.

RSI Extremes indicator:

  • Blue Line: Overbought Limit (price above, means the asses is overbought)

  • Orange Line: Oversold limit (price below, means the asset is oversold)

See wigs outside levels as opportunities:

In this example, you can take profits from shorts or buy if you catch the price way below the orange line.

A possible setup

Combine Trend Rider Algo #1 with RSI Extremes sub-indicator and Trend Oscillator for an optimal trading setup.

How to activate RSI Extremes sub-indicator


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