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Hi riders,

Before talking about the market, I wanted to tell you about some important news. The first thing is that we have expanded our team, now we have people dedicated to improving our content, both on the web (tutorials, videos, etc...) and on our networks (tiktok, new twitter account).

Your support allows us to continue growing, thank you!


Now, let's see what happened to the market!

The last 10 days we have seen 3 events happen:

0. Oil continues a negative trend

1. Stocks escaped the downtrend zone and had a rapid recovery.

2. Bitcoin moving sideways.

3. Lagging altcoins followed bitcoin structure.

In general, this scenario is very good for all markets, however we begin to notice that the cryptos begin to move laterally, waiting to see what happens next with the stocks (if they continue to rise, have lateral movement or decrease to test support)

All these 3 scenarios are good for the medium-long term, but in the meantime they generate instability in cryptos since investors reduce their risk until they see what happens. In the past we had seen that after a big stock rally , bitcoin always follows (sometimes inmediatly, sometimes it take weeks-months). So ill see every dip from now on as an opportunity to accumulate crypto as long as Nasdaq holds support.

Next I will tell you how I am managing my portfolio.


- In my portfolio I have a mix of NADAQ; apple, amazon, nvida, amd, netflix, google, abnb, tesla and others that I open and close more frequently.

- Many of these stocks have already escaped the downtrend zone and some are entering the overbought zone.

- Instead of closing them, what I am doing is managing my Stop loss, moving it upwards looking for supports that were previously resistance. That way I assure profits and I continue to benefit from the rise.

- At some point there must be a correction to test support, either the Rider Band or one of the lines of our TR Fib perspective indicator (Trend Rider Algo #1).


- After taking profits when the TP signal confirmed on the daily chart, I still have a good amount left that I bought without leverage in the 18-22K zone, I will continue to hold that unless a bear signal confirms on the daily, in that case i will revalue. (read last week newsletter for a btc support chart)

- I do consider it important to note that the oscillator shows that the money flow is decreasing, probably because people have been selling bitcoin to buy altcoins or even stocks for the last 2 weeks.

- About the performance of our indicators: In lower timeframes, the indicators have been very successful in the 4-hour chart and in the daily they have been almost perfect.


- In the last 10 days we have benefited a lot from altcoins that were lagging versus btc and eth. Moving forward, in the short term (1-2weeks) you have to be more cautious, since bitcoin seems to be losing strength, which is not good for altcoins.

- Here I am taking profits aggressively after each considerable increase.

- Keep in mind that if stocks drop to test support, altcoins will be the hardest hit. However after the stocks find support they will be ready to take off.


Now let's see some promising Altocoins, so you can find a similar structure using our indicators.

What I am looking for is:

  • Increasing money flow on oscillator

  • consolidation period

  • had not pumped already considerably.

  • Preferable a big gap on the weekly chart between price and band

If we get another leg down, i will accumulate on the lower square. Also the blue label indicates my main target for the next big leg up that will happen eventually if Nasdaq keeps going up or stabilizes.

Before investing, do your onw research on these coins, find out if they are delivering what promised.

  1. FTM






Layer 1 (similar to FTM)


Layer 1, huge accumulation zone.




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