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Are we bullish yet? Hello Riders, the last 2 weeks, all assets: SPX, NADAQ and BTC have

  1. Broken the downtrend line

  2. Confirmed bullish signals on the 1M timeframe for SPX (confirmed on dec31st!), NASDAQ (jan 31st) and $BTC (jan 31st)

  3. Closed above the divider band which separates bear from bull market.

In the case of SPX and Bitcoin, if this week remains stable, we would have the second complete weekly candle above the trend line, which gives us confirmation of the bullish breakout.

If you want to be more conservative, there is only 1 resistance that i want to see broken for a 100% confirmation, which is the weekly trend resistance line for SPX and NASDAQ (red line on chart)

So far we can say that we have anticipated the market in a remarkable way, having a few weeks of huge profits identifying the lagging coins that have had pumps greater than 50%. From now on we are going to give priority to longs over shorts on any timeframe and pay close attention to the rebounds in the Rider Band and Trend support line indicator after each correction on the 1D timeframe, which serve as fuel for the next bullish movement.

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Trendline Break + Closing above divider band.

Bullish Trend Rider Indicators


- How to Ride the trend when bullish: Please refer to our Trend Shift Strategy tutorials on our online course - Miss the Pump: Pay Attention for this pattern:

Look for coins that have green Rider Band and are testing it as support on the 1D timeframe right now.

  • This works as long as $BTC still bullish or trading sideways above band.

  • Ideally if the altcoin is lagging (i.e: BTC 10% above band , and the specific altcoin is slightly above)

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